Monday, August 19, 2013

VFS Flash class and more

Last Friday August 16th was the graduation of the second class that I have worked as a Teacher Assistant for the Flash class at VFS.  So far it has been an amazing experience. Being able to teach and at the same time help the students in their own short films. At the end I feel I'm the one who learns the most by adapting to each student with different stories in their own short films and different kind of approaches to explain the things to them. They did a really amazing job in their Flash films. 

I have been busy working in a music video for a Spanish band. I can't post anything yet but as soon as I finish I will put some frames from the animation. 

I was looking in my computer back ups for a plug in to use in this music video and I found an old storyboard about red riding hood I did back when I was in Costa Rica studying 3D.  I don't know why this tale has been always from my interest. So here are just a few pages of the story I was developing.



What I enjoy the most from this project was that I gave to the entire storyboard the mood. The pages as you can see where design according to the story. So at the end it was more like a storyboard art book.

So yesterday I took  half an hour to do this quick visual developing of Red Riding Hood.

(You can also take a look to the other version of Red-Riding-Hood I did last year).

Here are the inspiration images of today: Image 1   Image 2   Image 3

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