Monday, May 20, 2013

God of Thunder

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The God of Thunder. This is a poster I had for a while waiting to be paint. I've been having a lot of fun working as a Storyboard Clean up/Revisionist  in the new Avengers Assemble series. So I decided to make a fan art. It has been a great experience, specially to improve my drawing skills on this ''american comic style'' characters.  
You can check some AVENGERS ASSEMBLE promo clip here. 
I also asked 2 other artists to paint this drawing, so hopefully I can see someone else interpretation on the colouring soon. 

Next some making of this drawing, hopefully it helps someone somehow. 

Here is how the composition and colours work. 
Composition (green): I put the attention on the center of the image.  I used the elements like: mountains, cape and the thunders to point towards Thor's head-chest. Now, the thunders work a bit different because they point to the Mjolnir (hammer) then from there the arm brings us again to Thor's head-chest.  
Colour (red): Again the colours meet in the center of the drawing. It travels from the Blue all the way to the Yellow meeting each other in the center. 

Next is a process from Sketch all the way to Final, really straight forward. 

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And last but not least the inspiration images of today: Image 1  Image 2  Image 3


Pieter Tierens said...

Hi :)
Thanks again for another making of.
I really find it interesting How these paintings come together :)

juan pablo solís said...

Gracias por la información caballero :)