Monday, December 17, 2012

the yellow ball #3 (Suicide Girls)

So here is number 3 of the serie. A mix with Suicide Girls. Even these girls  always wanted one of the dragon balls.

On this one I decided I wanted to involve 2 of these girls staring to ''the subject'' of the serie. Some of the tattoos are based on the real girls.

--(Also I have this image as a Wallpaper, so if anyone wants it, you can give me a shout to my email and ask for it.)--

I think prints might come soon as well. I'm still figuring it out how that works. (Never done it before).

Today for reference images,  I will be posting 2 images that belong to a really nice blog I follow.
On this blog you will find 2 really nice girls traveling around and taking pictures. What I also like is that all of it is done just by passion.
Here are the images: Image 1  and Image 2.
The blog of Dos Calzones.

That's all for now. I'm already working on number 4.



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